Learn More About Excessive Hospital Billing for Emergency Room Patients

521869846_e5e3d9cfeb_zEmergency room patients are often taken advantage of by the unreasonable billing of costly diagnostic procedures and hidden fees. For insured patients this leads to outrageous charges and surprise bills as a result of co-payments and deductibles, as well as leading to grossly excessive bills for uninsured patients. Many of these bills are out of all proportion to the patient’s medical problem or the value of the treatment provided.

As an example, a patient may receive a $3,000 emergency room bill for something as minor as a bad sore throat, whereas the exact same treatment at an urgent care center across the street would cost only a fraction of this amount. Unfortunately, the emergency room patient often ends up with a medical bill that includes excessive or unneeded diagnostics—scans, x-rays, etc.—as well as substantially overpriced treatments, drugs, and hidden fees. Further, hospital charges are in addition to the physician’s fees. This huge pricing insanity for emergency room patients is reflected at all levels of treatment.

While this law office advises emergency room patients to carefully check their financial liability before being seen at an emergency room, it is often impossible for a patient to obtain any meaningful information about charges until after a shockingly high bill is received after discharge, when the patient is at the mercy of an unsympathetic billing department.

1393857115_e9a6b15cac_zHospital Overcharge Lawsuits

The basis for hospital charges can be disputed. Over a million patients have received refunds or hospital bill adjustments under class action settlements reached in recent years, and many additional lawsuits are currently underway. As a result of such suits, hospitals have already made refunds and bill adjustments totaling over $1 billion for patients who were overcharged.

We Would Like To Provide Help With Regard to Hospital Over­charges

If you have been overcharged as an emergency room patient, the Law Office of Barry Kramer would like to discuss your individual circumstances and help with forming an appropriate course of action. This may include filing a class action on behalf of yourself and other patients, seeking a refund for overcharges you have already paid, or obtaining a reduction in an outstanding account balance that remains on the hospital’s books or in collection.

If you would like a free personal evaluation by an experienced attorney as to what steps can be taken in response to your excessive emergency room bill, simply supply the information requested below. There is no cost or obligation, since this office works strictly on a contingency fee basis. Unfortunately, we cannot help if you are a Medicare or Medicaid patient, or if your visit was more than three years ago.

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